Aaron Smiley Desktop Engineer

sccm osd task sequence
PowerShell-driven Configuration Baselines
application packaging
.NET Development

Automator, Packager &
.Net Developer

Developer of the highly dynamic Automator OSD Task Sequence, packager of a wide variety of applications, PowerShell junkie and .NET Developer.

Past accomplishments

My favorites

Here’s a list of some of my most recent accomplishments in no particular order

Automating Maine's labs

From 2019-2020 I've developed a highly dynamic OSD Task Sequence that has automated imaging UMaine labs.

PowerShell & Baselines

In the last year I've migrated Maine's labs from DeepFreeze or GPO management to PowerShell Baselines

Relationship building

Since 2019 I've worked hard to improve the relationship between the Engineering Group and the 7 campuses.

Apps & Packaging

In order to support the wide variety of apps used in the various labs, I've learned how to package almost anything

PC Load Letter
Sometimes you just have to invent it yourself

A novel method for managing CUPS printers

Part of automating and standardizing lab imaging for the University of Maine was learning to work with CUPS printing. With no CUPS support in Group Policy, I needed a nimble way to manage the printer fleet, and opted for PowerShell-driven Configuration Baselines. In the end it turned out to allow for a greater degree of control and better telemetry.

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