Aaron Smiley
Engineering systems, flying drones, and other fun stuff

sccm osd task sequence
PowerShell-driven Configuration Baselines
application packaging
.NET Development

Engineering Videos to help you solve problems

Check out my Youtube channel [coming soon] for videos on Config Manager, Active Directory, and more.

Special Topics

Start-to-finish project playlists

Here’s some playlists I’ve put together on specific Engineering projects or topics.

Come along as we tackle each project from start to finish, or kill a topic right to death by trying to cover it completely.

Automate Test VM creation

In this series we come up with a method for automating the creation and destruction of test VMs

PowerShell & Baselines

In this series we create a 100% flat environment, and try solve the most challenging problems encountered.

Hard Fix Series

In this series we take viewer questions and try to come up with solutions to Endpoint Management challenges

Apps & Packaging

In this series we take a look at how we can go from zero to app packaging hero using the PS App Deploy Toolkit.

Big Tuna
FPV Flying is another thing altogether...

Drone Builds and Flying

One of my favorite past-times is building drones and flying FPV Freestyle. Something about strapping on the goggles puts the mind in the cockpit, and for a moment, it feels like I’m flying.

Suddenly anointed with the ability to fly around my immediate environment in any manner of my choosing, I decided to do a bunch of flippy floppies and put it to music. Check it out!

Looking for FPV videos?

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